We at festivals


Selected at 10th
Mumbai International Film Festival.(MIFF).
3rd to 9th Feb, 2008.


hatchingThe Hatching is a short film which give a very strong message on global warming and its effect. This project has received professional accreditation at Mumbai Internatioal Film Festival.  










hatchingAfter years of debate, Consensus among most of the world's scientist holds that we are warning the planet. Unless we take steps now to curb global warming, our way of life, our planet, and our children are all in grave danger. This is hope. Each us can make simple decision that will reduce global warming pollution.










"Hatching At Germany"

Nomineted in stuttgart,
Bollywood & Beyound Film Festival.Germany
16th to 20th July, 2008.



From Directors Desk
Science is united on one front that our planet is warming up steadily and humans are contributing to its decline in a considerable way. Although an attempt has already been made to bring global warming under control, our way of life and that of our children is in danger. Even through small modification everyone can contribute to the reduction of environmental pollutants and global warming. It is time to think about what we receive from nature because it is up to us to guarantee a clean and intelligent energy.