“Kukuchkoo” a character packed with unlimited entertainment has been designed precisely
keeping in view of kids mind set.

The character the 'Kukuchkoo' is a rare blend of an incredible presence of mind and energy. the Kukuchkoo is a quite unperturbed even in the weirdest of environment. The character sometimes finds himself scrambled up in awkward mess. But this has no effect either on his personality or on the entertainment value of the story. He stares back royally and fights it off and in the process always emanates stack of mild messages.


Well actually, the character is quite content itself himself in this strange world and curiously amazed when individually get disturbed with trivial problems encountered in day to day life. His deliberate confrontation with people of such nature brings his naughtiness to the fore.
The character is neither laced with powers nor equipped with supernatural weapons but by taking full advantages of freedom encompassed through animation an attempt has been made to create quality humor.

Generation by generation we are witnessing paradigm shift in the intellectual realms of children. One thing is sure… they have never compromised with the primary definition of humor which we believe is ever resplendent with vitality and freshness.

If Alchemi animation Ltd came in to being deliver entertainment products, then it also is quite aware of the importance of humor in entertainment Alchemy Animation Ltd... while acknowledging cartoons worlds incredible past and its rich tradition believes that the Banter Cock will prove to be one of its finest example in days to come.